Ever had that “oh god, I wish I could draw” moment
Well the good news is, you can. You may just not know how to yet.

Drawing is as old as humanity and for 65000 years, human beings have had the need to express themselves through art and creativity.

Drawn Together Club is on a mission to help everyone get in touch with their creative side through the power of drawing.

Our speed drawing exercises creating an energy and confidence to let go and just “do it”, without the fear of getting it wrong. People tend to go from small apologetic doodles in the corner of the page, to larger free flowing mark making, with beautiful, surprising and often hilarious results.

Come along and surprise yourself.


We live in a more and more fractured society, at a time where isolation and mental health are big issues. Screen time is starting effecting our cognitive health and as a result, how we interact with the world and the people around us is changing.

Drawn Together Club wants to help bring people together in a productive and creative way, helping to foster new friendships and relationships through the power of collaborative drawing.

Our approach to observational drawing turns everyone in the room into both the artist and the model, Our exercises get strangers working together, interacting, challenging themselves, and having moments of self discovery.

Drawing is proven to improve hand eye co-ordination and also promotes cognitive health through the formation of new neural pathways in the brain. Yep, you’re actually getting smarter whilst you draw, it’s like a work out for your brain.

Sounds like fun? We think so..


Helping you connect with your creativity​

Drawn Together ​Sessions

Relaxed pub/cafe based drawing sessions

Aimed at people wanting to get in touch with their creative side and meet new people in a friendly, relaxed environment.


Speed Dating Night With A Creative Twist

​For those tired of the traditional speed dating format, these super fun collaborative drawing nights are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Collaborative Drawing Workshops

Designed to loosen up creative flow and encourage social bonding, these workshops are effective icebreakers at conferences. They are also great as a company socials, or to kick start new projects and enhance team cohesion.


Visually capture your key messages

Whether it’s a conference or a workshop, live scribing is a brilliant way of capturing your key messages. Produced by our skilled illustrators in real time, the result is a compelling visual tool that you can return to again and again.

Bespoke Workshops

If you’ve got a specific goal in mind, let us know and we can design a creative workshop just for you.

We are drawn together club

Mish Maudsley – Co-founder

Mish is an Urban Artist and Freelance Digital Designer with a Illustration BA from Brighton University. She is passionate about improving urban space & quality of life through the power of art. When she’s not designing and building websites for clients, she can be found up a ladder with a can of spray paint in her hand, or creating artwork in her studio.

Rob VonGlas- Co-founder

Rob is a freelance illustrator whose practice focuses on combining photo composite and hand drawn images. Prior to his recent graduation from University of Brighton with a degree in illustration, Rob had been leading art and media classes with vulnerable young people for over a decade.

Together Mish & Rob founded DrawnTogether Club. An arts organisation that creates collaborative drawing workshops & events, designed to bring people together.

“Amazing event, great set up, loved it!”

Session Attendee

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If you would like to find out more about our events, book us for a workshop or discover how we can help you connect with your creativity, get in touch.